Mr. Michel Masselin

Mr. Michel Masselin

Thales Alenia Space

During a career spanning more than 30 years, Michel has worked in defence, aeronautics and telecommunications industries. He commenced his career designing tactical radio networks and ultimately became responsible for Thales Communications Marketing and Sales to the French customer. In 2003, he moved to Thales Training & Simulation responsible for large bids including the German NH90 and the A400M simulator training centers. In addition he also managed large bids for the operation of airborne platforms such as the UK MoD and DfT’s Search and Rescue Helicopter programs. In 2009, he joined Thales’s space division, responsible for the sale and lease back of the Syracuse 3 (French milsatcom constellation) and, subsequently, the Syracuse 4 satellite offer to the French MoD. Since 2014, Michel has been responsible for the business development and sales of Stratobus - a new, high altitude platform currently under development in Europe.

Presentation title and Summary

Title: High altitude aerospace capabilities for observation and surveillance missions

Synopsis: From the troposphere to the exosphere, mankind’s use of the skies has been ongoing since the first hot air balloon flight. Today we take for granted the use of air-breathing platforms and space systems to provide us with eyes and ears on events around the world. But what is old can be new again. Aerostats, airships and unmanned gliders all feature in today’s commercial and military environments. Thales is looking at the airship as a surveillance platform – but with a few important differences. Imagine an effective platform providing persistent surveillance at an altitude of 20kms for a year at a time. At that altitude the horizon is almost 500kms away providing a vast area for surveillance, while close enough to provide accurate observation by radar or camera, or provide 4G/5G telecom coverage. Add to that the possibility of linking several of these platforms together in various patterns to provide broad area coverage. Suddenly you have a highly effective strategic surveillance capability or communication network. Hear more about Thales’s Stratobus - innovation in aerospace capability.