Gumatj Aboriginal Corp

Gumatj Aboriginal Corp

Gumatj Corporation Limited was established in 2007. Its vision is to create employment and sustainable businesses for Yolngu on the Gove Peninsula. Gumatj operates a diverse range of businesses including a saw mill and timber workshop, construction joint venture, regional work- ready training centre, grounds maintenance, café and butcher store. Gumatj employs around 70 local Aboriginal people and encourages a culturally relevant and supportive workplace. Gumatj Corporation is a key part of industry diversification beyond mining in East Arnhem and works closely with government, private sector and other Aboriginal corporations on building a sustainable region and improving the lives of Yolngu people.

Presentation summary – Space in North East Arnhemland

Gumatj Corporation in partnership with Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA) are developing a sub- orbital space launch facility outside of Nhulunbuy in the Northern Territory. Gumatj Corporation will talk about its role in the development of the Arnhem Space Centre, including construction, security, concrete, timber and land tenure, and local Aboriginal employment opportunities through its Gulkula Regional Training Centre. There will also be a sharing of historical experiences of space in the Arnhem region and Yolngu cultural knowledge on science and astronomy and the relationship between Land, Sean and the Sky.

Mr. Djawa Yunupingu

Djawa Yunupingu

Djawa Yunupingu is the deputy chair of Gumatj Corporation Limited. He was born in Yirrkala and educated at Dhupuma College outside of Nhulunbuy and in Darwin. For many years, he was a director of Dhimurru Aboriginal Corporation, which is responsible for the management of land and seas on the Gove Peninsula. Since 2009, Djawa has worked in various capacities in the Gunyangara community, the main community of the Gumatj clan. As deputy chair, Djawa is heavily involved in the operations of Gumatj Corporation. Djawa is also a senior elder of the Gumatj clan.


Mr. Klaus Helms

Klaus Helms is the Chief Executive Officer of Gumatj Corporation Limited. Klaus has worked in East Arnhemland in various roles across the mining, government and non-government sectors. Klaus has overseen the growth and development of Gumatj Corporation into a diverse and successful corporation and has driven many of its innovative projects including the Arnhem space launch facility. Klaus is also the Chair of the East Arnhem Regional Economic Development Committee.


Mr. Terry Dhurritjini Yumbulul

Terry Dhurritjini Yumbulul is a senior elder of the Warramiri clan of North East Arnhemland. He was born in the Wessel Islands of the coast of Nhulunbuy and has lived in various communities in East Arnhemland. He is a well known artist, and since moving permanently to Nhulunbuy in 2006 Terry has worked as an advocate in the areas of health, housing and child wellbeing. He is currently the regional liaison officer at Miwatj Health Aboriginal Corporation and the Chairman of Garngirr Fishing Aboriginal Corporation.