July Monday 16 Tuesday 17 Wednesday 18 Thursday 19
07:30 Transport to ADFA Transport to ADFA Transport to ADFA
08:00 Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
08:30 AYAA Introduction
Mr Ed Muthiah
Space Systems Studio
UNSW Canberra and King & Wood Mallesons
Mr. Jack Hooper
08:45 ACT Government
Minister Mick Gentleman
Mr. David Ball
09:00 Keynote: UNSW Canberra
Prof. Michael Frater and Prof. Russell Boyce
Keynote: Virgin Australia
Mr. Nathan Anderson
10:00 AM Morning Tea Morning Tea Morning Tea
10:30 Lockheed Martin
Mr. Rod Drury
Keynote: Rocket Lab
Dr. Sandy Tirtey
Mr. Keith Dalgleish
11:00 Going Global with Brett Biddington
Mr. Brett Biddington
Real Quick Researchers
Dr. Lyle Roberts
Prof. Andrew Lambert, UNSW Canberra
Dr. Andrey Alenin, UNSW Canberra
Dr. Manuel Cegarra Polo, UNSW Canberra
Lewis McCluskey, AYAA
11:30 Boeing
Mr. Michael de La Chapelle
Royal Aeronautical Society
Prof. Andrew Neely
Mr. Michel Masselin
12:00 Australian National Concurrent Design Facility (Private) Lunch with Navy
Bell 429 & Seahawk Simulator
Lunch with Army
Hornets, Wasp & Drone Racing Demonstration
Lunch with Air Force
C-17A Globemaster III Flypast
13:00 UNSW Canberra Space Mission Design Workshop (Private) Space Law with Steven Freeland
Prof. Steven Freeland
AAUS Panel
Mod: LTCOL Keirin Joyce
Defence Force Recruiting
SQNLDR Samantha Hearne
13:30 Victorian Government
Dr. Amanda Caples
Mr. Andrew Sysouphat
Geoscience Australia
Dr. John Dawson
14:00 Gilmour Space
Mr. James Gilmour
UNSW Canberra
Mr. Jan-Christian Meyer
King & Wood Mallesons
Ms. Annabel Griffin
14:20 Myriota
Dr. Alex Grant
14:30 DSTG
Dr. Dong Yang Wu
Engineers Australia
Ms. Emily Frizell
14:40 Delta-V
Dr. Tim Parsons
15:00 Afternoon Tea Afternoon Tea Afternoon Tea
15:30 NT Government/ELA
Gumatj Corporation
Mr. John Furness
Mr. Colin Cooper
16:00 NSW Government
Dr. Chris Armstrong
Prof. Daniel Shaddock
Northrop Grumman
Ms. Shena Howell
16:30 Finish Geospatial Intelligence
Dr. Naomi Mathers
Mr. Rob Walker
Defence People Group
Mr. Ashley Warlum
17:00 Saber Astronautics
Dr. Jason Held
Dr. Sarah Pearce
UNSW Canberra
Dr. Douglas Griffin
17:30 Finish Finish Finish
18:00 Team Australia States Panel
The Hon Kate Lundy (ACT)
Mr. Richard Price (SA)
Dr. Alan Dupont(NT)
19:00 ANU Launch Night
Australian Aerospace Assembly
(National Gallery)
Future Workforce Panel
(Press Club)
NSW Dept. of Industry Finale Dinner
Mr. Edwin Anderson
Mr. Ed Muthiah
Ms. Sarah Shannon
Northrop Grumman
Mr. Michael Gallagher
Federal Gov
Senator Zed Seselja
ACT Government
Ms. Kareena Arthy
Ms. Melissa Ciplys
Prof. Anna Moore
Prof. Brian Schmidt
Defence Force Recruiting
SQNLDR Michelle Bright
NSW Government
Dr. Paul Scully-Power
Mr. Michael Edwards
Lockheed Martin
Mr. Rod Drury
Rocket Lab
Dr. Sandy Tirtey
Conference Awards
21:00 Finish Australian Space Agency
Dr. Megan Clark
22:00 Finish Finish

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