Mr. John Furness

Mr. John Furness

Shoal Group

John Furness is a Systems Engineer in Shoal’s Modelling, Simulation, and Analysis (MSA) Team. He is developing a strategic modelling capability and conducting a task to integrate 6-DOF flight models into a constructive simulation environment, among a myriad of other projects. John is a University of Adelaide graduate in aerospace engineering and theoretical physics. For his Honours thesis, he worked with QxBranch, a Shoal spin-off company, on computational fluid dynamics in adiabatic quantum computing using the D-Wave Two. While a Graduate of Geoscience Australia, he used a weather model and large eddy simulations for wind risk hazard modelling on the Raijin Supercomputer. He also became an International Space University alumnus, participating in the SHS-SP 2013. John is a former Aerospace Futures Chair and a huge proponent of the Australian Youth Aerospace Association.

Presentation title: ‘A Career Creating Capability from Complexity’

What's happening at Shoal?

Chief Engineer Kevin Robinson is employee number 42, so has the answers to everything! In this talk Kevin, with the upcoming John Furness, will discuss Shoal’s quests to make sense of a complex world and describe how the Shoal team is motivated to deliver the creativity and architectural innovation that empowers clients to solve their challenges. They will argue that as engineers and scientists we should not be afraid of complexity, indeed they’ll discuss how it should be embraced to deliver the novel solutions society needs, creating capability from complexity. Using examples from their careers that took Kevin from rocket scientist to Chief Engineer, and John from undergraduate to Systems Engineer, they will identify the skills, expertise and culture celebrated at Shoal that enables them to deliver the solutions to their clients and society.