Dr. Greg Bain

Dr. Greg Bain


Dr Greg Bain is currently Research Leader Aircraft Performance and Survivability within the Aerospace Division of DST Group. In this role, Greg leads three research teams in Aerial Autonomous Systems; Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics; and Infrared Signatures and Aerothermodynamics.

Greg has previously led research programs focused on the measurement, modelling and control of aircraft infrared signatures; as well as, more recently, programs in the sustainment of low-observable aircraft signatures.

Greg has previously held the Canberra-based position of Air Force Scientific Adviser, where he had a key liaison role between DST Group and the Royal Australian Air Force.

Greg has a BSc (HONS 1st Class) in Mathematics, M. Eng. in Mechanical Engineering (Aeroacoustics), and a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering (Computational Fluid Dynamics) from the University of Sydney as well as a Graduate Certificate in Applied Language (Indonesian) from RMIT